An experience they’ll write home about

Feefo 3.0 makes every customer interaction better. From the first feedback request, to your unique Feefo reviews page, we've made it look slicker, work faster and give the best possible experience for your customers.

Make customers click

Collecting reviews starts with a feedback request. We work hard to find out what engages customers, so your business can enjoy the best response rate. We’ve added new enhancements that help customers touch base with your business and leave their valuable feedback:

  • Optimised Subject Line provides a personalised tone
  • Enhanced email layout improves usability
  • Branding opportunities personalise feedback requests

Fancy feedback forms

We’ve made leaving feedback more intuitive than ever for your customers. Feedback forms are easier to complete, more intuitive and designed to help shoppers leave reviews in greater detail.

Leaving photos and videos is now effortless. Along with customer feedback, you’ll see shareable user-generated content, and customers will be encouraged to leave longer and higher quality reviews. We’ve also added customisation options to let you ask the questions you need to improve your offering.

  • 5 star rating scale makes ratings easy to understand
  • Optimised User Journey for all feedback types
  • Personalised forms that keep customers engaged
  • Cutting edge feedback capture methods

Upgraded reviews page

With Feefo 3.0, your reviews page becomes a hub of useful information. With new options to filter feedback, customers can browse reviews the way they want to. The latest version includes:

  • Enhanced display of key ratings
  • Improved filtering options
  • Surfacing and highlighting photo and video content
  • More merchant branding opportunities
  • Clear prompts to visit your website
  • Highlight top performing products
  • Useful product information
  • Options to upload a custom banner image
  • A huge, customised ‘About Merchant’ section

Do I need to change anything?

If you use the standard Feefo templates for the feedback email and forms, you will not need to change anything, just sit back and enjoy the enhancements!

Using custom emails? Don’t worry, these will remain in place. We will share our new design with you, and it may be worth split testing to compare open and click through rates.

If you have made customisations to your feedback form, simply let us know and we will migrate these changes into the new form. We are producing some fantastic industry specific templates, so you may wish to see if these could work better for your brand.

Did we get your attention?

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