Frequently Asked Questions

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We’ve made the upgrade to Feefo 3.0 as seamless and simple as possible, but we appreciate you may have questions. If your question isn’t listed below, get in touch.

What’s happened in a nutshell?

With Feefo 3.0, we introduced a number of new product initiatives and enhancements to improve Feefo across the board, both for your business, and your customers.

Why the changes?

Feefo continually strive to provide the best reviews platform – with the latest innovations, tools and features. Feefo 3.0 marks another milestone in providing the very best solutions for our clients.

Did Feefo charge for the upgrade?

No. Feefo did not charge merchants to upgrade.

Did I have to upgrade?

Yes – Feefo 3.0 is a platform-wide update that makes Feefo bigger, better and faster. We’re confident that you will enjoy the many enhancements to functionality, integration and reporting that the update provides.

Why did Feefo change to a five-star rating system?

We appreciate that the move to a five-star rating system was a big change. Here’s why it’s a good thing:

Five-star is a recognised ratings system, universally used by Feefo partners, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!, meaning correlating five-star ratings with search engine ratings is seamless.

For the customer, five-star ratings need no translation; instantly understood, they allow a more intuitive experience – allowing shoppers to leave and read ratings quickly and enhancing the customer journey. This efficiency gives businesses the opportunity to collect more feedback, whilst building confidence with a recognised system.

An extra rating point provides further opportunities to benchmark, with more data that allows businesses to drill down even further into their ratings, to draw out valuable insight into their products and services.

As Feefo continues to grow, moving to a five-star ratings system demonstrates our intention to operate on a global scale. Recognised, reliable and easier to integrate, five-star ratings allow Feefo to continue its expansion to become the trusted choice for businesses

Why JSON? Can I keep my XML feed?

XML support will not be withdrawn, but we strongly encourage Feefo customers to move to the new JSON based API to take advantage of the new five star rating system. JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) works much the same as XML, however it’s lighter, faster and easier to understand.

Did I lose anything in the upgrade - reviews, data etc?

No – Feefo 3.0 simply upgraded the functionality and features of the Feefo platform. Nothing was lost.

I have custom integration logos – can I keep them?

Absolutely! We’ve built Feefo to work seamlessly with your brand. Alongside a library of new integration logos, we will continue to provide the functionality to integrate your own custom designs. As we are moving to a five-star rating system, your custom integration logos will need to reflect this. We will be sending the simple steps required to do this shortly.

Is there any updated information and support?

Yes – We’ve built an entirely new Knowledge Base to go along with Feefo 3.0, packed with useful guides and information. And of course, your Account Manager will be on hand to assist you with any queries.

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